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The Guvnor and his Missus enjoy a rare night out, on the lash. Dave's wearing a suit so I imagine that's what this is.... they didn't invite me, so I don't actually know.  (The Editor)

Dave and Toni,

in between courses, in a restaurant, unbeknown.



Jan. 2017

The Greyhound in Keston is a five star pub through and through. And to be fair, it is not far off those credentials even without the unwarranted flattery from the clientele.

The Greyhound stands proudly on the edge of a pretty green and you can easily imagine heading in after a nice walk with your lurcher, hanging up your Barber jacket and settling down for an ale by the log fire.

It’s a beautiful country pub with a soft-green finish, plenty of seating on different levels and a rustic-looking sideboard arrangement behind the bar. Forget about me (for now), this pub could probably model.

There’s a buzz to the place, with happy chatter rising above the easy listening Lionel Richie and a mixed customer base from 20- somethings to families and older folk (one of whom thought I wouldn’t be amiss on the catwalk).

Dogs are welcome too, and there were a couple of the scamps wandering about when I was there, including a gorgeous St Bernard that I just wanted to snuggle.

I will admit I was slightly disappointed that there were only three standard ales on tap – Abbott, Speckled Hen and Timothy Taylor Landlord – but the presence of Aspall Cider and Cobra went some way to compensating.

Thankfully, the lovely kiwi (I think) barmaid was accommodating to the fact that I had Derek Zoolander-style ability to think ahead in not getting cash out and was happy to take my payment by card, despite the fact I only

ordered a pint of Cobra.

..."There’s a buzz to the place" - The Pub Spy


"Take care of the staff, and the staff will  take...

.....everything out on you!"

An interview with Toni and Dave (Well... mainly Dave actually)

The Guvnor and his Missus have strong views on pubs, and the way they're run. They often check out how other places tick. Toni starts the ball rolling:

"We would normally eat in, at the pub, as we are actually mad keen fans of our Chef, which is a good sign, some say!.." Dave puts down his 5th glass of wine, and adds with a slight slur:

"It's not only Chef of course...our team at the pub do a fantastic job,

we've always been very lucky with the people we've had working behind the bar, touch wood". For the benefit of those who can't actually see this, at this point, Dave touches his head. He then goes on to pose a question for us all:

"Have you ever come across bar staff who can't be bothered? Bar staff that are on their mobile phone while you're waiting to be served? tables that are not cleared away at the first possible opportunity? None of that is permitted at The Greyhound. We regularly check out the competition to see who's doing what, how well or how badly, you'd be amazed how some pub staff think any of the above  is somehow acceptable. From the very beginning, Toni and I agreed we would never end up like so many places. The best of intentions, big plans, and then running before they can walk!

We're committed to making the service, the entertainment, the food and the beverages, (from wood cask ales to spirits to fine wines and coffee !) as good as is humanly possible and we're constantly looking to make improvements but at a pace we can keep up with, and that everyone working with us can. Anyway, when all's said and done it's not about what we think, see, or imagine what makes a great pub. That's down to our customers" At this point Toni tries to add something, but Dave swoops in like a tramp on chips, with praise indeed for his team:

"The Greyhound runs like a pedigree champion, largely thanks to our excellent team of handlers!  Seriously though, I've never known such a brilliant team of guys and girls who work so hard for the greater good."...Continues in next column...



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